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Grow Your Appraisal Business with
The Appraiser Insider Mastermind

An opportunity to take your appraisal business and life to the next level


Does your lender work make up more than 50% of your total volume?

If your lender “faucet” turned off tomorrow would your business survive?

Do you suffer from not having a clear roadmap that creates future business stability & success?

If you answered yes to one or all of the questions above, then you’ll definitely want to take a serious look at seeing if you quality for the…




Roy Meyer

Roy Meyer
25 Years Appraising, 15,000+ Appraisals
Author, Speaker, Investor & Consultant

Dear Fellow Appraiser,

My name is Roy Meyer, founder of the Appraiser Insider Mastermind. I’d like to personally invite you to join our amazing group of top performing appraisers across the country.

Before I get into the many benefits you’ll gain from being a part of this elite group, I’d like to ask you a quick question:

How much is your time worth?

Time is the most precious commodity we have. Once you use up a portion of time, you can’t get it back.

In my 25+ years of owning and operating one of the top appraisal companies in Southern California, I’ve noticed two things that separate the pros from the amateurs:

1. Appraisers who spend their time doing more profitable work and not minimum wage activities make more money.

2. Appraisers who spend their time creating a more diverse appraisal business enjoy more security and freedom in their lives.

Are You Working “On” or “In”?

The Key to controlling and growing your business comes down to how much time you spend working “ON” your business versus working “IN” your business.

Unfortunately, most appraisers today focus strictly on short-term profits and spend little time if any, working “ON” their business to ensure long-term success.

However, the fact you spend most of your time focusing on the day-to-day operations of your business without giving time to the future of your business is not your fault.

Regulations, industry trends, fast-paced technological advances, and other factors out of your control contribute to holding you and your business back from true success.

My (short) story…

When real estate and lending laws changed after the devastating mortgage crisis in 2008, I found myself starting over as the appraisal and real estate world was turned upside down. Knowing that the real estate industry could no longer be treated as ‘business as usual,’ I sought out a way to diversify, scale, and build highly lucrative and successful businesses sustainable in any market.

I started working with the top marketing, outsourcing, and internet gurus in the world.  It just so happened that not doing “business as usual” paid off.

With the help of the expertise I gained, and the mentors I had along the way, I was able to re-build my appraisal business primarily around non-lender work.

Since my reinvention, I’ve been asked by and been able to help 100’s of appraisers across the country. We’ve helped them transform and enhance their businesses.

No More “Feast Or Famine”

It’s time you take back control and start building an appraisal business that gets a high stream of steady, tangible, and repeatable results. A business not subject to the seasonal ups and downs or the more common “feast or famine.”

Of all of the tactics, strategies, and techniques I learned along the way, there was one thing that made a significant difference in my success…

The #1 strategy I learned for growing a sustainable,
long-term appraisal business…

What is a Mastermind Group?

Mastermind groups, made famous by the author Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) nearly 75 year ago, were designed to help you navigate through business challenges using the collective intelligence of others.

Benefits of the Mastermind include:

  • A focused group of peers that regularly meet to tackle challenges and grow together
  • The ability to lean on other members of the group for advice, input, connections, and resources
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring, accountability, and support to drive your business forward…exponentially!
  • Focus and clarity on what to do next and how to execute
  • Access to cutting-edge marketing tactics and strategies that are proven to work in the appraisal industry
  • Avoid the B.S. information that runs rampant throughout the industry and focus on the things that work!
  • And More! Much More!

For many years I’ve helped appraisers enhance their businesses through outsourcing and marketing.

Many of my students would ask me how they could get one-on-one coaching, higher level strategies, and how to accelerate business growth.

With the floods of request, I felt compelled to create a mastermind group specifically for appraisers who want to get un-stuck and build the appraisal business they deserve!

5 Ways the Appraiser Insider Mastermind Helps You…

Get More Customers

Make More Money

Improve Your Quality Of Life!

  1. A unique opportunity to network with other “like-minded” and successful appraisers…Learn from the successes and challenges of other top performers in the group
  2. Take control of your business (and grow your bottom line) by increasing your non-lender work
  3. Proven “plug n play” systems and repeatable processes you can implement in your business immediately
  4. Get access to cutting edge marketing strategies and tactics to keep you ahead of the competition
  5. Advanced tactics…learn how to leverage what’s working in other industries to your advantage

I spend thousands of dollars per month on education, training, programs, events, and other high level masterminds… then take the best of what I learn and bring that to you and the group!





What’s Included In The Mastermind?

Below are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive instantly if you are approved to join the group:

Monthly Mastermind Sessions

Monthly “Mastermind” sessions where you’ll be able to work through challenges affecting you right now. Covering both residential & commercial topics. (Recordings available for all sessions after each meeting).


Monthly "Focus" Trainings

Each month we get together as a full group and focus on ONE specific topic and how others are implementing that in their business.

Outsourcing & Business Building Bootcamp

Leverage yourself by hiring and training virtual assistants to get more done, while spending more of your time on the tasks that are the highest and best use of your time.

Access Everything From the Comfort of Your Own Home! No Travel Required… and No Lost Time or Income. Start Implementing Immediately.

Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies and Tactics

  • How to develop an on-demand lead generation system.
  • How to establish an attractive online presence and be more visible online.
  • How to turn your customers into raving fans.
  • How to build trust and authority so qualified prospects will want to do business with you.
  • How to increase your competitive advantage and dominate your local area.

We Provide A Private Members-Only Website That Includes On-Demand Training You Can Watch On Your Computer, Tablet Or Phone…

Screenshot 2017-02-12 18.20.36

Private Facebook Group

Mastermind members get access to a very active private Facebook group to interact with other members, share files and resources, and get
your questions answered 24/7.

Interact with other non-competitive appraisers who are actively growing successful appraisal businesses, who are all willing to help YOU in your business.

Area Exclusivity

This is an area-exclusive group, where no more than one appraiser is allowed per area.

This ensures each mastermind member can freely share what is working and what isn’t so we can all benefit and learn from each other.

Click here to see if your area is available




Who is the Appraiser Insider Mastermind for?

The Appraiser Insider Mastermind is built for those looking to take their business to a higher level at a faster pace and experience a more prosperous quality of life.

In addition to being…

  • Willing to commit to working “ON” the business with NO Excuses
  • An active participant in the success of others in the group
  • Able to see the importance of working on the bigger picture now rather than later

WARNING: The Appraiser Insider Mastermind is NOT a one-on-coaching program, a marketing service, or a Magic Bullet to success!

What You Can Expect From Membership:

We are committed to ensuring your membership ROI is over the top!

Here’s what you can expect to gain from being a part of our exclusive group!

Battle-tested strategies, tactics, and training, proven to work in the real world

Access to the best resources and connections we can find, we hold nothing back

One of the best investments you’ll make all year… Guaranteed.

No Theory… Just Proven Marketing Tactics & Strategies That Mastermind Members Are Having Success With TODAY




So How Do You Get Into The Appraiser Insider Mastermind?

Complete the Appraiser Insider Mastermind Application.

Requirements to join:

  • Must attend the live Mastermind calls
  • Be willing to openly share resources and strategies… remember, members are the only appraisers allowed from their area!
  • Maintain CONFIDENTIALITY… what’s shared in the Mastermind, stays in the Mastermind
  • Sign a member non-disclosure agreement

This is something you need to act on today to ensure you have a chance to lock-down your area.

My team will be reviewing applications as they come in. If your application is chosen, we will let you know about proceeding to the next step. Once the areas are selected and new members are chosen, the window closes.

So the earlier you apply, the better chance you have of being accepted into the Appraisal Insider Mastermind.

One thing I know for sure: If you are serious about achieving your biggest professional goals, then the Appraiser Insider Mastermind is for you.

“If you’re not in this mastermind group, I don’t know what you’re waiting for…You’d be a fool not to join it!”

Bill Altermatt


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